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Life is a Special Operation... are You Ready for It?

Our Story

“Life is a Special” is an unconventional, internet based publishing company which provides life-changing products derived from decades of refining and executing Special Operations and Elite Performance Skills. We also sell some awesome T-Shirts.

Publishing what I have learned during my very unique life has been such a fun adventure. I no longer serve in uniform. But it feels good to know that many can still benefit from what I have learned, done and experienced.

My “Business Model” is simple: Give back (teach) what I have learned and experienced to as many people as possible. Do it for free via YouTube and for a nominal price via an eBook or Paperback. It is about helping people to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Special Operations Fitness: Because anyone can do and use the Special Operations Fitness program, everyone can benefit from its unconventional and uniquely effective workouts for years to come. Although it is effective for beginners and soccer moms, most people who have purchased the program are young men and aspiring soldiers. I wish this would change and that more families and “civilians” would benefit from the Special Operations Fitness program.

YouTube: All of our animated videos are available to the public for free. Although we have our plan for hundreds of videos, we generally produce only one a week. Please enjoy our products as they become available.

Elite Performance Skills: People pay way too much for “experts” to guide them, to listen to them, to tell them what to do. Yet, they keep needing these “experts” and return to them again and again. They are never given a comprehensive tools kit or the information they need to become the “expert” themselves. Because millions of people pay their Consultants, Lawyers, Psychologists, Exercise Trainers, and Life Coaches $100s of dollars an hour for every consultation, they should gladly pay just $10.00 (the equivalent of 6 minutes or less) to get an exceptionally insightful and life-changing product from a world-class performer.

T Shirts: The “Body Armor” T-Shirts are not the result of decades of learning, training, experience, and expertise. They’re just T-Shirts. But they’re cool and fun to make. I wish the T-Shirts were cheaper but it takes a lot of work to precisely sublimate these High Definition T-Shirts and ship them all over the world. They’re worth the price. I hope you enjoy wearing yours.

The most important lessons in life are not always learned within the walls of a university, no matter how prestigious that university is. Sometimes you learn them through experience. Safer yet is when you can learn them from someone else’s experience. I hope “Life is a Special Operation” helps you to gain the insights, strategies, and tools you need to significantly improve your quality of life.

Life is a Special Operation….
Are You Ready for It?

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