Top 10 Celebrities who Played a Special Forces Green Beret in a Movie

There are a lot of movies stars out there who have played Special Forces Green berets in a movie.

That is because deep down we all want to be a part of the best of the best (the Elite). As Americans, we are predisposed to root for the underdog… to hope that the exceptional, self reliant protagonists is able to overcome all odds and amazingly succeed. We all want to believe that out there are humans who are so intelligent, so well trained, and so focused that they can accomplish anything. And deep down, we all want to be like them or learn from them.

“Life is a Special Operation” is pleased to give you the “Top 10 Celebrities who Played a Special Forces Green Beret in a Movie”

I don’t recommend the below movies (…I prefer books). But if you must watch them… they are available through Amazon.


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