Special Operations Fitness

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Special Operations Fitness is a 12 week unconventional training program designed by a Harvard educated Strategist and Special Forces (Green Beret) Lieutenant Colonel to shred body fat, increase cardio vascular efficiency and muscular strength, teach or reinforce essential self-defense techniques, build confidence, and increase physical and mental performance.

Special Operations Fitness includes:

  • Philosophical principles of Elite Fitness
  • The 12-week Special Operations Fitness program
  • A progress tracking check list
  • Detailed descriptions for 12 weeks of dumbbell and body-weight boot-camp style workouts, 6 exhausting self-defense kick-boxing workouts, 2 lung crushing swim workouts, 2 unique biking workouts, 2 flexible cross training workouts, and 6 hikes
  • An exercise demonstration video
  • A self defense technique demonstration video
  • Free Access to the “Special Operations Fitness” You Tube Channel

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Special Operations Fitness Exercise Demonstrations

Special Operations Fitness Self-Defense Technique Demonstrations

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Life is a Special

“Life is a Special” is an unconventional, internet based publishing company which provides two life-changing products derived from decades of refining and executing Special Operations and Elite Performer Skills.

What we can learn from Elite Special Operations Leaders….

  • plan everything
  • mitigate all risk
  • build an undefeatable team
  • lead like a professional
  • go to the hardest schools
  • train like an elite athlete
  • become an elite performer

Your circumstances are guaranteed to improve if you deliberately plan, train, and execute your life as if it were a Special Operation

Learn and apply game-changing “Best Practices” from the world-class Army Special Forces Green Berets

Receive Fitness Advice from a Super Elite Athlete

Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of the “Best of the Best”

My Credentials (about the Author)

Hi, my name is Christopher Littlestone and I am just an ordinary man who has had an extraordinary life.

I am a retired U.S. Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Lieutenant Colonel who is nearing the end of my second career as a business and family consultant.

A few of my qualification:

  • Eagle Scout
  • University Valedictorian
  • Master’s Degree from Harvard
  • Retired US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) Lieutenant Colonel, Airborne Ranger, Special Forces Combat Diver,Decorated war veteran who has spent over 10 years serving outside of the United States.
  • University Professor
  • Husband to First Wife
  • Father to 2 Adult Children (a Pharmacist and an Engineer)
  • Speak 4 Languages
  • Author
  • Business Owner
  • Consultant

Over the past decades I have been blessed with many opportunities to work with the best of the best… CEOs, Senators, Congressmen and Women, Ambassadors, Generals, Bankers, Millionaires, Artists, Designers, Elite Soldiers…. I have learned from all of them, and even had the opportunity to teach and instruct many of them.

I have taken lessons learned, both the good and the bad, from my unique career and amazing life and made these “best practices” available to you. Everything I say is tried and true. Everyone, young or old, already Elite or soon to become Elite, can benefit from my expertise, wisdom, and experience.

My Business Model

…….“Put Everything I have Learned during my Incredible Life into Two Amazing Products.”

Because millions of people pay their Consultants, Lawyers, Psychologists, Exercise Trainers, and Life Coaches $100 an hour or more every for every consultation, they should gladly pay $10.00 to get an exceptionally insightful and life-changing product from a world-class performer.

Rather that charging my normal fee of $200 an hour for a face to face consultation, I have written a “Consulting and Mentoring” book which lists all of the skills I have used and observed being used time and again by those of us at the top. People pay too much for “experts” to guide them, to listen to them, to tell them what to do. Yet, they keep needing these “experts” and return to them again and again. They are never given a comprehensive tools kit or the information they need to become the “expert” themselves. I am solving this overly repeated problem by placing in your hands (1) an Executive Summary of all the skills you need to become an Elite Performer and (2) a world-class Special Operations Fitness program guaranteed to challenge anyone. I sincerely hope that you take advantage of all that I have put together for you.

My 2 Products:

Elite Performance Skills: This inspiring 150 page book lists and explains essential skills which Elite Performers from all over the world use on a daily basis. Mastering these behaviors, mind-sets, attributes, and tools is guaranteed to improve your quality of life and make your more successful.

Special Operations Fitness: This is a 12 week unconventional training program designed to shred body fat, increase cardio vascular efficiency and muscular strength, teach or reinforce essential self-defense techniques, build confidence, and increase physical and mental performance. Benefit from the wisdom and expertise of the “Best of the Best.” Receive expert fitness advice from a super elite athlete.


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