“Self Defense Principles”

Keeping yourself safe is more about making good decisions and less about fighting. It is a dangerous world out there. Please use your brain and keep safe.

Life is a Special Operation.com
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Special Operations Fitness 3D Book Cover
Special Operations Fitness 3D Book Cover

Special Operations Fitness 1.0 $14.99

Special Operations Fitness  is a 12 week unconventional training program designed by a Harvard educated Strategist and Special Forces (Green Beret) Lieutenant Colonel to shred body fat, increase cardio vascular efficiency and muscular strength, teach or reinforce essential self-defense techniques, build confidence, and increase physical and mental performance.

Special Operations Fitness includes:

  • 18 philosophical principles of Elite Fitness
  • The 12-week Special Operations Fitness 1.0 program
  • A progress tracking check list
  • Detailed descriptions for 12 weeks of dumbbell and body-weight boot-camp style workouts, 6 exhausting self-defense kick-boxing workouts, 2 lung crushing swim workouts, 2 unique biking workouts, 2 flexible cross training workouts, and 6 hikes

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